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We are xatProject. A network of sites that provides news, guides, resources and entertainment to buyers and sellers, designers and programmers, radio DJs and listeners. Original content by xat users specially made xat users.
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The latest power is: skunk (ID: 537)
Status : LIMITED | Price : 219 xats


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Due to high demand and the diversity of cultures from our visitors, we invented a support page to better serve you. You can contact us, learn about our services and its features and help us by reporting issues that we have yet to fix.


Responsive image is a service for radio stations, DJs and xat users. Upload your own player (Flash and HTML5 supported). Embed works everywhere, for profiles (xatspaces) and groups (xat rooms). We also offer a free player generator, simple put your radio IP and boom!

Register Player Generator

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The new FairTrade provides a mechanism that allows open, transparent and democratic price changes. The community can now participate by suggesting prices, reacting to new powers for feedback and get fresh updates with accurate details on everypower that xat releases.

Power Prices Price Changes

Responsive image is the official site for Trade chat. Get updates on powers, trade staff and rule changes. See how you can help the staff or become one.

Go to Trade chat

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Loja is the international trading chat and you are allowed to buy and sell IDs. Also you can speak any language on xat Loja but read the rules first!

Buy xat IDs Sell your ID Go to Loja

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No site do xat Ajuda você pode encontrar notícias do xat, utilitários para o seu grupo, ferramentas para powers e geradores de cores, nameglow, ips de rádio e muito mais. Visite!

Acesse agora Chat Ajuda

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Visite o site do xat Troca, conheça a equipe, veja as novidades do xat e do Troca. Leia as regras e veja como ajudar a equipe, reportar, ou até mesmo parte da equipe.

Acessar agora Chat Troca

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Este es el sitio oficial de xat Cambio, aquí podrás obtener noticias sobre novedades de xat, lee las reglas y aporta con tu ayuda a esta comunidad o conviértete en uno de nuestro staff.

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Our services are open for everyone to contribute. Join us and participate in the development of news, tutorials, generators, graphics or bring something new.

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