Organization has a price: 150 xats

Category power

How long does it take to find a friend on xat? A minute, or two? Well, now that is past.
With category power, you can sort your friends by categories.

‣ Drag and drop your friends.

Annoyed at the hassle of browsing over hundreds of people to find one person? NO MORE.

Add colors for each category.

You can add any color code to your categories. There’s even a color picker implemented, easy to use but hard to pick the right color.

Have unlimited categories.

In doubt on what to use, how to name and who to put in there? No problem, organize it as you go. There is no limit.

Just 150 xats. Buy now! on xat store.

(Preview of category power, demonstrating the drag and drop feature on xat / April 2019)

xat’s first HTML5-only power

xat added the first and only HTML5 power (so far).
This means that category power WILL NOT be available for the Flash version of xat. Yes, this is sad news for many but HTML5 is getting better and soon it may look better than the old classic, glorious and shiny Flash.

The unlimited function power (id 545) will work normally as long as you have days.

It was released to the public through xat 1.17 (version)

Since the power was recently released and HTML5 will change a lot in the future, it is very likely that it may be changed in a way or another in the future, so keep an eye for this link (it won’t change, ever).

Edit your categories at anytime

Hit Settings button on your user and you will be able to select Categories.
You can add a new category, edit an existent one or delete it.

You can choose color by clicking on this rectangle button

Also, deleting a category will move the people back into the general list.
So do not worry, you won’t lose any friends.

(Preview shows how to delete an existent category / April 2019)

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