Time to set the trap


If you think Tom and Jerry were iconic symbols to represent what cats and mouses look like, wait until you see xat’s new power: CATNMOUSE.

Will they ever make peace? Will our traps work without the cheese?
We have no clue. We only have 239 xats, and that is enough for (catnmouse).

(Preview of all smilies available at the time the power was made available / May 2019 / GIF by Leandro)

The cutest pawn you’ve ever seen in your lifetime

There’s nothing cuter in our planet than a silly looking cat.
And this power comes with a unique pawn: The silly cat pawn.

(Preview shows the cat pawn / May 2019)

xat’s at it again: Always doing the impossible

Who would have thought that a cat and a mouse could live together in harmony? It’s time for peace, for a truce, and for cheese.

Mouse back smiley

In order to use the back smiley, cnmmback you’ll need to type /ocnmmback in the chatbox
Then, all the smilies you send in the future will have the mouse back.

(Preview demonstrates how to use the mouse back smiley / May 2019)

“by Mihay”

This power was designed by Mihay: xat’s Romanian smiley maker.

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