New 1.17 version is out


The update brings a few visual changes and fixes from the previous version. Now, the effects on the buttons have been improved. The return button was changed, image compression issues were corrected, and you can select user ids to copy on the chat with no difficulty.

Just so you know, the new button effects have been decided by a forum public vote (xat users participated – 75% decided what we see in 1.17

(New gradient effect applied to the button colors – was decided by xat community / Images from April 2019)

Now hovering smilies and powers will show their code, also making it very easy to copy and paste.

(Smilies codes on smilies / Screen from April 2019)

See only online friends

The previous version introduced the new General settings. And they have been completely improved by xat in this new version, where you can now instantly get results from your changes.

Toggle-off Friends

Available will disable all the orange pawns you see (means available on mobile).

Offline will keep available friends.

And Both shows only online friends.


When saving macros on your account, they will remain saved everywhere you go.
This means if you do login from another place, they will be there for you.

(Screen from April 2019 shows how easy it is to edit macros)

Category power

The new version brings in the first HTML5-only power.

To read more about category power, click here.